Devin Dennie, Ph.D.
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Articles About Devin's Work

  • Interview with Geologist Devin Dennie
    Dinosaur George Podcast #124 - August 7, 2017
    An in depth interview with Devin about his education and his work, click HERE to listen
  • Oklahoma author discusses new book on rocks and minerals
    Red Dirt Report - August 3, 2017
    An overview of Devin's book release and book signing, click HERE to read
  • Children's Book Review: My Book of Rocks and Minerals
    Publisher's Weekly - July 17, 2017
    A quick review of Devin's book, click HERE to read
  • Geology 'Chef" Serves Up a Tasty Idea
        AAPG EXPLORER Magazine - November 2012
        A write up about the Geology Kitchen Project, click HERE to read
  • Australian TV Viewers Get a Dose of North Texas Culture
    Metroplex Life - April 20, 2012
    A story about "North Texas Explorer" airing on Australian television, click HERE to read
  • From Movie-Maker to Family Man

    Earth & Energy Magazine - Fall 2010
    Devin was profiled in the University of Oklahoma's Earth & Energy Magazine, click HERE to read
  • Resources For Kids Who Love Science!

    Metro Family Magazine - October 2009
    A brief mention in Metro Family Magazine recommending "Oklahoma Rocks!" to their readers, click HERE to read
  • Oklahoma Science Documentary "Oklahoma Rocks!" Wins Education Recognition

    The Oklahoman - September 4, 2009
    A quick article in the Oklahoma City newspaper about an award that "Oklahoma Rocks!" won, click HERE to read
  • DVD Review - "Oklahoma Rocks!"

    Rock & Gem Magazine - December 2008
    A very positive review of "Oklahoma Rocks!" by Rock & Gem Magazine, click HERE to read

    "...well made, fast moving..."

  • "Oklahoma Rocks!" Movie Premiere

    Rock & Gem Magazine - October 2008
    Promotion for the DVD release of "Oklahoma Rocks!", click HERE to read
  • Filmmakers Finish 2-year Project Documenting State Geologic History

    The Oklahoman - June 3, 2008
    An article chronicling the production of "Oklahoma Rocks!", click HERE to read
  • Filmmakers Share Love of Rocks

    AAPG Explorer Magazine - January 2008
    An article chronicling the production of "Oklahoma Rocks!", click HERE to read
  • RockHounds: The Movie DVD Review

    The Lapidary Journal - June 2006
    A nice review of RockHounds: The Movie from the Lapidary Journal, click HERE to read

    "It's the perfect entertainment for gem & mineral shows..."

  • Crystal Clear - North Texans' New Film Celebrates Characters and Their Treasure Hunts

    Fort Worth Star Telegram - August 2005
    An article about RockHounds: The Movie and promotion for its screening at the Texas School of Earth Science Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show, click HERE to read

     "...a hit at gem [and mineral] shows around the country..."

  • Local TV Makes Learning Geology Fun

    Geotimes Magazine - October 2004
    An article about "North Texas Explorer," the educational travel TV series I co-produced, click HERE to read
  • Filmmakers Celebrate Geology

    AAPG Explorer Magazine - August 2004
    An article about various geology related stuff we've done, click HERE to read